Teacher Biographies

Aphrodite Provitas, Teacher

Aphrodite has been with Mount Hope since 2002. In addition to her degree in Early Childhood Development earned in her native Greece and her 30+ years of experience working with children, she is a graduate of the North American Montessori Center, from which she earned her certification. Aphrodite’s creativity and warmhearted approach make her a valuable part of both classroom work and before and after care.

Rebecca Faust, Teacher

Rebecca has been with Mount Hope since 2022. She has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (K-6) and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and STEM. She is in the process of completing her American Montessori Society Early Childhood 3-6 certification through Northeast Montessori Institute. Rebecca taught in the public school system before working at Fraser Woods Montessori School in Newtown, CT where she learned about the Montessori method. There she began to appreciate Montessori’s emphasis on allowing the children to become independent individuals, move freely throughout the classroom, and grow at their own pace in a room perfectly curated for each child.

Donna Clouette, Curriculum Coordinator

Donna has been with Mount Hope since 1985. She first joined the Mount Hope community as a parent and volunteer when her 3-year-old son began attending school here, and then completed her training and joined the staff as a teacher. In addition to her Bachelor’s degree in English literature, Donna is a graduate of the Northeast Montessori Institute in Beverly, MA, from which she earned her American Montessori Society certification. In her classroom, Donna’s calm, creative encouragement and devotion to children provide a welcoming setting in which children thrive. She is currently assisting our teaching team in the role of Curriculum Coordinator.

Sarah Gautie-Ferreira, Teacher

Sarah came to Mount Hope in the fall of 2021. She has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and over 20 years of working with children, infants and toddlers in a variety of settings. She is looking forward to going for her Montessori toddler training in the near future. Together with Kari, former Mount Hope teacher and Montessori consultant, she has prepared a warm and inviting Montessori environment in her beautiful classroom. She is a warm and caring teacher who really understands toddlers and knows how to support them in their growth and development.

Cheryl Bennett, Teacher

Cheryl studied at the University of CT and has her Bachler’s degree in Family Studies, Early Childhood Education through Adolescence. She is a certified Montessori assistant teacher and completed her training at the Montessori Training Center Northeast in Hartford. Cheryl began working in early childhood as a volunteer at Hanover Nursery School in 1992-1994.  In 1996 she opened a home daycare caring, accommodating ages from birth to age 13.  In 1999 she volunteered at the Lebanon Co-op Nursery school and was the treasurer and on the Board of Directors.  In 1998 though 2005, she also volunteered at the Lebanon Elementary school in Kindergarten and Multiage Program classrooms. At Red Sneakers Nursery School as a Team Teacher from 1999 – 2002. Cheryl was a teacher at Hans Christian Anderson Montessori School in Bolton, CT from 2022-2023.  Cheryl joined Mount Hope Montessori as a teacher in June of 2023. Cheryl & her husband Tom live in Bolton, CT and have 3 grown successful children.

Kari Nowosielski, Curriculum Consultant

Kari has been with Mount Hope since 2019. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education as well as her American Montessori Society certification in 6-9 and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Montessori education. She taught Montessori elementary for nearly a decade before becoming a mother and discovering her love for working with toddlers following the Montessori philosophy. She also runs her own Montessori consulting business to help schools and parents, Stella Nova Montessori. Though Kari no longer works in the classroom at Mount Hope, she continues to provide support as a consultant and helps us design and create new classroom materials.

Erin Clark, Director

Erin Clark joined the Mount Hope staff as the Office Administrator in 2018 and became the School Director in 2019. In this role, she is the contact for all parents in relation to all Mount Hope business and organizational matters.  Erin has close ties to and experience with the Montessori philosophy, as all of her children have attended the school. She brings a wealth of administrative experience with her from various organizations which make her a perfect fit at Mount Hope.